amaraAmara Cunningham's day job is in the admission office at the ever-vibrant Putney School. She shepherds new applicants through the admission process, and occasionally feeds alpacas and mobilizes the on-campus goat squad. Her musical career has enhanced her adult life consistently since 2003, including stints with Monadnock Flutes, Keene State College Symphonic Band, the Keene American Legion Band, the Putney Community Orchestra, and Friends of Music at Guilford. Amara currently lives in Brattleboro, VT with her partner Dave and Shadow the cat.


lauraA dedicated amateur (one who engages in a pursuit for the love of it), Laura Botkin finds great pleasure in playing ensemble with friends. In addition to her Flootissimo playmates, other musical pals have included the Five College Early Music consortium, Monadnock Flute Choir, the BotkinBroll duo, Playing for Fun/Playing for Food, Vicki Citron, the Orange Community Band, and a rash of pit orchestra gigs. When not practicing her flute, Laura practices physical therapy in Wendell and Greenfield, as well as at the Athol Hospital.


debDeb Kilyanczik graduated from Keene State College a hundred or so years ago, with a Bachelor in Music Ed. She makes her living disguised as an Insurance professional, as she is a Sr. Business Analyst for Safeco Insurance Co. She and her trombonist husband Ron are members of the Westmoreland Town Band, and she has played with the Keene State College Flute Ensemble and Monadnock Flutes. Deb is very involved in her church, and had been the Choir Director for many years, so they let her play there – so nice! Deb also dabbles in Celtic harp and ukulele. She and Ron live in Marlborough, NH.


jenJen Kramer teaches web design at Harvard University Extension School. After playing excessively in high school, she dropped flute for 17 years, picking it up again in 2004. She currently plays with the Metropolitan Flute Orchestra, the New England Flute Orchestra, the Willow Flute Ensemble, and Lowell Philharmonic and she is a founding member of Flootissimo. Jen has never met a flute she didn't absolutely love, so she plays piccolo, C flute, alto flute, bass flute, and contrabass flute. She also buys far too much music, having a file cabinet full of flute duets, trios, and quartets. She is particularly fond of music shopping in the cities she visits when traveling to conferences. Fortunately, Flootissimo doesn't seem to mind.